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Other (Non-Boating) Items for Sale


Stella’s Journey  After three years of working on my children’s picture book, Stella’s Journey, it will be launched on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online April 20th.  It’s about a Steller Jay, who wants to paint pictures in her redwood tree but makes messes during earthquakes.  Because she has feelings of frustration when this happens, she leaves home to find a better place to paint, only to find more problems in the different environments where she visits.  Stella thinks of a solution to solve her problem that brings her back to her home where she finds happiness.  Stella will show children how to face a challenging problem to find a creative solution.  Many hours were spent on our boat, Kira Sea, working on this project.  I’m hoping to see more of our DIYC members, now that my book is ready to launch! 

Price: $12, plus tax and shipping through Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.  Proceeds from sales will go to cancer research. 

PC Rebecca Ferree 253-752-9060